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14 Jun 16

Build smart chatbot with zero coding and Motion AI

Motion AI provides easy to build and publish bot framework with module based approach and visual approach for creating conversation flow, building bot is not only fun but also dead simple with it.

motion ai bot framework

A Bot or Chabot is an AI computer software application build to simulate intelligent conversation through spoken or written text. In very basic form a Chabot takes a written text as its input from people and match it with the application's database in order to generate a text sentence which forms Chabot’s reply and hence keeping the conversation going. There are some Chabot applications uses animations speech recognition, etc. for a better user experience. Recently Microsoft launched their own Bot Framework, along with Facebook also revealed their Bot API inside Facebook Messenger. There are number of such frameworks available to developer today, Motion AI is one of them and seems to be quite balanced in terms of feature and pricing. Lets have a look at it.

Motion AI

Motion AI is a UI based application which allows developers to visually build, train and implement bots to perform any task. It allows developers to build bots without writing a bunch of codes. There are several other organizations competing in the same space but Motion AI came into focus because they allows developers to build their bot flow without much coding without sacrificing much of the control over it. It also provides easy implementation across a range of communication channels such as Slack, SMS, Web, Email and Facebook etc. It has a range of packages or modules that enable a wide range of bot features, required by organizations. David Nelson, founder and chief of Motion AI said that, "Modules will be soon available for developers and they can use whatever features they required and combine them all together to build a complete bot".

Important features of Motion AI

As the Motion AI's tagline said - If you can draw a flowchart, you can create a Chabot. They have a range of modules, connections, variables and extracted data to build bots for different platforms. These modules will allow developers to build a bot for customer service in no time. One should only generate a walk-through for their bot and Motion AI will handle rest of it.

Nelson also said that he was able to develop a simple bot that creates a connection with Zendesk application, then scan your company's database in order to generate responses for customer's questions. If the bot will leave with no answers then it generated a support ticket for this query by making a connection with Groove app. Motion AI will also takes care of all the basic infrastructure for installing bots into your platform. It doesn't need developers to sign up on SendGrid or Twilio in order to run a bot over email or SMS respectively. Motion AI also allows you to import AI or natural languages processing services such as Facebook owned or with your bot without any a headache.

Nelson said that the module idea came into his mind when he personally realized that developers are spending a lot of time to create same features or services again and again while developing bots for different purposes. The module development will be going to help developers and definitely, save time as well.

Why this module based approach

The approach is also quite effective for developers as they just use these modules as packages or plugins in order to implement a bot feature. Motion AI allows their modules to interact with other services and standard APIs as well. It enables the scalability for your Bots as well. They deal with services such as Zapier and IFTTT, which expands the development of Chabot’s features. They also provide the analytics for your bots as well and you can easily see how your bots are being used after implementation. These analytics will also help developers to add, remove or improve their bot's features in order to improve the overall performance of their bots. If your bots will improve then it'll directly impact on the user experience when they will be interacting with your Chabot. Below video shows analytics feature of Motion AI platform.

Why to use Motion AI

There are so many reasons that you must go with Motion AI approach if you are want to build a bot without any a headache. They came up with the very easy approach of using modules as a bot feature. Developers only need to generate a walk-through for their bots using their modules and the bot will be ready for duty in no time. They handle nearly everything from the development of bots, installation on different platforms, maintenance, and analytics as well. If you found yourself in trouble, then you can visit their detailed documents available on their website or contact us at

Nelson explained that some of the reputed companies already started experimenting with Motion AI's software. In medical, a healthcare organization is using the bots to interact with physicians. The bot simply extracts data of patients from their existing SQL database and then generate responses for physicians.

Motion AI platform is very simple and robust at the same time for developers. They make it easy for you to just start into build bots.

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